According to some of the most recent research, the legal cannabis industry in North America will grow from $9.2 billion in 2017 to $47.3 billion in 2027.

And with state laws changing year after year, it isn’t just farming operations, laboratories, and dispensaries that are staking a claim. Current trends are set to spin off an entirely new cannabis business services industry, all of which will generate jobs, revenue, and more economic activity.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of barriers to the industry’s growth. It can be difficult for cannabis businesses to secure financing and banking services. Because of federal laws, the industry’s supply chain can get complicated and costly.

But one barrier to the growth of many cannabis companies is the inability to find partners that understand their business. Cannabis businesses need digital marketing and SEO services just like any other business. But because the industry is so new, marketing agencies, consultancies, and even software providers are still catching up.

Thankfully, there are some specialty providers out there who know the industry and are ready to serve the next generation of entrepreneurs.

If you’re struggling with choosing the right SEO company, here’s why a dedicated cannabis SEO agency is your best choice.

They Understand the Industry

You don’t have time to guide a marketing agency through in the ins and outs of the business. Once you hire your agency, you need them to start working so you can see an ROI as quickly as possible.

If you partner with a cannabis SEO agency, you don’t have to worry about hand-holding. They already have experience with your market and are ready to get to work on day one.

They Have Cannabis Marketing Experience

There are thousands of SEO agencies out there, all of whom are ready to take your investment. But if you want a significant ROI for your SEO, you need a partner that has documented experience doing SEO for businesses in the cannabis industry.

When doing cannabis SEO, you follow many of the same strategies that other businesses do. But there are a few exceptions.

Understanding what your audience is searching for is key to building a content strategy that will capture organic traffic. You need an agency with the tools and experience to identify those terms and help you build content around them.

Furthermore, there are kinks to cannabis digital marketing. Some social media companies limit or prohibit ads related to cannabis, for example. In general, it’s difficult to launch a successful paid media campaign in the cannabis industry at all.

That’s why SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and other forms of inbound marketing are the best options for cannabis businesses. Finding an agency experienced in these strategies will be key to your success.

They Can Navigate Industry Regulations

There are strict regulations regarding advertising and selling marijuana. Even if your company is just a service provider to the industry, a small mistake in your marketing could lead to serious consequences.

But a cannabis SEO agency will have plenty of experience navigating the web of regulations that govern your industry.

With an experienced cannabis agency at your side, you can rest assured that all these rules are account for with any advertising or SEO strategies you deploy.

Find the Right Cannabis SEO Agency for Your Business

SEO is extremely competitive. The #1 position in Google search results gets 33% of all search traffic, and after the first page, traffic drops off by 95%.

Many SEO agencies will try to convince you that SEO is a “pay-to-play” game. But you can’t fork over a certain dollar amount to reach the number one slot. And in all likelihood, these agencies don’t understand your industry and don’t know what they’re doing.

SEO is always changing. It takes research, dedication, and time to get your company in the top spot — but it can be done. You can even beat out the giants of your industry.

Look for an agency that offers niche servers in the cannabis industry and has a documented track record of experience.

If you’re ready to talk about your SEO needs, contact ReadyGreen today for a proposal and a consultation. We’ll work to understand your goals and your challenges, so you can get a significant ROI from your SEO strategy.